Cubefield Game

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194496_19487What Is Cubefield and why this game is so popular ? To answer this question you should play this game once. Cubefield is a free flash game which is available all over the internet. This is a game without ending, I mean there are not levels in cube field that you should complete or something like this. This game is infinite, you are flying though the field which is full of cubes. Your small grey spaceship must fly as long as possible without hitting any object his way. The most interesting thing that I enjoy in this game, is that during your flight, the speed will increase and you skills will be tested.

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cubefieldIf you are able to make fast decisions and move your spaceship between the cubes, you will get the high rank in the game. Also keep in mind, that there is only one version of this game available today, some of the website offer the Cubefield 2 or even Cubefield 3, but you are playing the original version of the game, so don't get fooled. You can always play the full version of Cubefield game as well as other flying games at